Content is essential when you start on any sort of new venture. Whether it is a new business or creating new marketing strategy. The same goes for content creation on social media. In fact the importance of creating relevant content has never been more influential on social media platforms.

 Every other person nowadays is a blogger or YouTuber or an active member of social media. This means if you want to stand out in the crowd, your content must stand out.This where social media content strategy comes into play. 

With the help of social media content strategy, you can create content for online social media platforms that are more attractive and engaging to your audience. 

Social media is a very versatile platform, meaning that not all social media platforms are the same. But there are a few tips and strategies you can implement to make sure your success on social media. 

Today, I will brief you through some of those points you can follow to ensure your success with creating content on social media. Even though I or nobody for that instance can teach you everything about social media content strategy, I’m confident I can help you significantly in this subject.

 I am happy to pass on the knowledge I have gathered through my years of experience working on social media platforms.

What is Social media content strategy?

More than half the people who have access to the internet are also part of some social media platforms. Social media has become an inevitable part of the internet. 

If you want to make a good impression among people, make a good impression on social media. If you want to make people hate you, just post something to make everyone angry. 

This isn’t even a joke and sums up the influence social media has on our lives. But where does social media content strategy fit into among all this mess? Well, in my opinion, I would say social media content strategy would come out as one of the most crucial elements, if not the most important. 

The content that you showcase online is the element that is going to define you online. It will also affect the number of people who will be interested in your content on social media. 

The better content you put out, the more audience will be attracted to you. Content strategy helps you decide what content to present to your audience and how the expected outcome will help you grow your social media platform. 

In simple words, the content strategy involves deciding on your online content and determining future outcomes. But not everything that shines is gold. Without proper guidance, your content strategy might not be fully effective. As a reason, today, I would like to share my experiences and knowledge on the topic I have gained throughout the years.

How to develop a social media content strategy?

Before I tell you how to develop a social media content strategy, there is another thing to keep in mind. Developing a social media content strategy might not seem a difficult task. 

But developing a social media content strategy specific to your needs and requirements and attracting an audience at the same time might come out as a difficult task. Therefore even before you can start thinking about content, I recommend you decide on your goals. 

Setting up goals for you to focus on makes it easier for you to plan your content strategy more effectively. As content managers, you must focus on your goals and keeping your content strategy SMART. 

SMART is an acronym for some basic principles content creators tend to follow when making content strategy. 

SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT, TIMELY (SMART). These are five principles many content creators, and I tend to follow.

Be more specific and focused on one major goal you want to achieve through your content strategy. Giving your audience a vague idea or touching every topic at once will reduce your goal’s effectiveness. 

If you are focused on improving marketing, then focus on marketing. If you plan on enhancing customer service, then focus on customer service. Focus your ideas and aim at improving one specific goal instead of trying to fix everything at once. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and the same applies to your content strategy.

Make sure you can track your progress through your content strategy. This helps with understanding if the method you followed is beneficial or just a waste of effort. 

Not everybody can make a strategy that works all the time. Hence it is essential to measure your growth and analyze your mistakes to improve your content creation skills.

Also, keep attainable goals. It takes time to create a good impression. The same applies to the content creation strategy. Set goals that you feel are more reasonable to achieve. One step at a time, rushing all at once isn’t the move.

Make sure the content you create is relevant to the goals you want to achieve. If you want to achieve a specific purpose and work to improve something else, your content creation strategy is a failure. Understand what you want to achieve and adhere to achieving that. Don’t go off track in between.

Finally, pre-plan and set time for your goals. This will help you stick to a routine and focus on the things you want to achieve. This will also ensure you don’t lag behind others and keep yourself updated with the flux online. 

Nothing is permanently online, so keeping up with the pace online is an essential yet overlooked factor in social media content strategy.

How brand tone, colour and font should be part of effective social media strategy?

People have become more specific and knowledgeable about what they want. What may be of interest to an adult may not be of interest to a teenager. People who like particular content may not like other content that is the opposite of that. The same applies to the online audience as well. 

Your tone plays an important aspect in attracting potential customers to your online content

For example, will you write an article on the latest console game with the same tone you write about on a research article published by Oxford? The same rule applies here, as well. 

Understand the audience that will be interested in reading your content and make it more appealing to them. Sure, you won’t be able to improvise everyone. 

But appealing to the majority is the way to grow your content online. Every youtube video with millions of likes will have a few dislikes as well. That is how the world works, but what is going to matter is the majority of people who liked your content. 

If you are catering to a younger audience, then keep your tone simple, casual and exciting. On the other hand, if your content is talking about a serious issue, make it more formal and informative. 

Understanding this strategy of pleasing a majority of your audience is an essential aspect of social media content strategy. If you are successful in achieving this, then a big part of your work is already done.

When it comes to choosing the right colour and font, it works similarly to how the tone of content works. A right font and colour scheme is also essential when creating useful content for online audiences. 

But make sure not to overdo it and mess it up either. Writing on a standard, readable font is better than writing on a stylish font that isn’t illegible. 

Make sure to keep your fonts and colour scheme consistent and not a bag mixed with everything. Remember, the goal is to attract the majority.

What type of content goes on what social media channels?

Although social media content strategy goes for all social media platforms, the same approach cannot be used on every social media platform either. 

The only similarity between all these platforms is just the word’ social media’. Different platforms require different strategies and plans of action. They also need different mediums to suit their niche.

 If your content is aimed at a younger audience or talks about casual topics, then platforms like Instagram or Reddit is the preferred choice. 

Furthermore, Instagram suites more visual content, whereas Reddit can be used for visual or text-based content. I hope you get a clearer idea of what I’m talking about. 

Therefore identifying the best platform for posting your content is crucial for social media content strategy. Before you decide which platform to post on, make sure what type of content you want to create. 

Whether it is text-based or visual content or in the form of videos, once you have done that, the next step is to identify which platform is most suited for your style. Visually based contents get the most attention on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Whereas if your content is more of a text-based promotion, platforms like Twitter will not be a bad option. Honestly, I don’t think I can explain each social media platform here. But doing a little research on whichever platform you plan to choose will help you decide if that platform is the best for promoting your content online. 

Also, don’t try to get involved in every platform out there. If you are new, then start with one or two platforms and work your way upwards slowly. This will help you manage your tasks better.

Drafting a social media content calendar and how often to post?

Once you have identified the content, you want to create and your platform of choice, the next step is to organize your content further. To do this, we must create a calendar for your social media content activities. 

Creating a content calendar will create a visual representation of your plans and help you implement your strategies better. The calendar will be reliable when you want to get information on past postings or your recent activity. It will also give you a clear cut path on your objectives. 

Your content calendar will be an organized timeline for all the activity you have performed and planning on performing. With the help of the calendar, you can also track your performance from time to time for different periods. 

From this, you can decide on what time is the best to post and what kind of content brings you the most audience attention. However, this collective set of information might seem complicated at the start. Once you get used to it, your social media content strategy will perform much more smoothly.

Also, decide on when to post. Be consistent in your posts. Don’t post everything at once and then stay idle for a long time. Identify what pattern brings the most audience to your content. Different platforms work differently, so identify the best time to post. 

Through software analytics, you can track the best time to post. Posting regularly is also a good idea, as it will bring you the reputation of being consistent and reliable. 

Again a content calendar will make it easier for you to keep a note of these analytics and understand the best time for you to post your content online.

How to repurpose content for each social media?

Although I don’t recommend trying to handle too many social media platforms at once, sticking to just one platform also isn’t a good idea.

 Having just one platform to post on social media can reduce the reach you have to potential audiences and people online. But sometimes being consistent on every platform and posting unique things on each of them might seem more of a headache than any benefit. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on that. What I’m going to write about next is how you can repurpose content for different platforms.

 All major social media platforms are different but don’t mean they have nothing in similar also. You can use these similarities and combine them with your creativity to come up with ideas to post on all the platforms you are active on. So let us look at some ways in which this can be done. 

Repurpose evergreen content

Evergreen contents that you have done in the past can be remodeled to fit another social media platform. Evergreen contents refer to contents that you created in the past, but the subject of the content stays relevant even now.

 Repurposing evergreen content can be beneficial as it ensures your content is going to be attractive to people. Also, it saves you a load of time, and since your content was already good, to begin with, minimum changes are required as well. 

Experienced content writers always find ways to repurpose their evergreen contents in a non-repeated format.

Blog posts and podcast

Blog posts are nothing new to people of the internet. You can find blog posts on all sorts of topics on the internet. Even though the podcast isn’t something new either, it has been receiving more recognition lately. 

If you are involved in both of these platforms, you have a great way to repurpose your content. You can turn an old blog post into podcast episodes. On the other hand, if you have some excellent podcast content, you can make it into blog posts as well. 

Both these ways ensure your content reaches more audiences. However, I will have to say that converting a blog post into a podcast will be more robust than the other way around.


These are a visual form of inspiration for people online. Quotes done right can attract people and keep your audience engaged online if used properly. 

If you have content that you have written in the past, you can summarize it into quotes. This is one form of recycling your content. If you have an old image, then you can provide a quote with the image as the background. 

I would say converting old posts into quotes is an easier way to repurpose content online, and can be effective if done correctly.


Should I even talk about this new format that has taken social media by storm? Memes are everywhere and moreover on anything. Any topic or controversial issue is bound to come up as a meme online.

 While some of you might consider memes a pesky cartoon for teenagers, I think otherwise. Consider it as a way to attract an audience without keeping them bored. Memes are short, easy to make, funny, and an online trend. Perfect for applying to your content to attract an audience online. Combine that with a little satire and well-orchestrated presentation. 

You have one of the best ways to repurpose your content and be relevant online. Jokes and satire catch people’s curiosity on any social media platform.

Find platforms with similar niche.

Like I said in the beginning, there are similarities between different social media platforms as well. Try working between platforms where you can post content in the same format. 

An example can be, a video you created for youtube can be posted on your instagram page as well. Similarly, content with visual representation can be posted over multiple platforms like Facebook, instagram, and reddit for more exposure.

 This is a rather simple trick that anyone can do with proper planning of what type of content to post.


Social media is a medium of online communication that has millions of users. This also means it is under constant flux due to a change in the interests of people. 

As a social media content creator, I know that using social media to grow your audience can be very effective. But at the same time, making wrong decisions or taking up a wrong strategy can do the exact opposite as well. 

It is important to analyze every step you take to improve your content and attract more audience to your content. I believe that social media content strategy will act like a laser beam to make you more focused on achieving those goals.

 Many of the you who are new to online social media content creation overlook this topic or, worse, have no idea about it either. I didn’t have anybody to guide me properly through this when I started off making content online. But I don’t want the same for you.

 I guess now you have a clear idea of social media content strategy and its importance in today’s online world. I wish you all the best for your online ventures, and I hope I was able to teach you something new today by sharing my knowledge I gained through my experiences.