Social media is everyone’s go-to place in today’s time. There are numerous trends, looks, businesses, and styles that you will come across every minute. With so much that companies and organizations have to offer, they have started using social media as a flexible platform to promote their businesses. 

Today, an enormous number of people are active on social media. That has become a reason for a majority of brands to use effective social media strategies for the active promotion of their brand.

According to GlobalWebIndex, nearly 54% of social browsers tend to use social media to search for products. Now, there has been a gradual shift of businesses that prefer to start offering their products and services online rather than offline.

This change has shot up the number of buyers online in comparison to prior times. To boost your brand reach, they will have to adopt constructive strategies to handle content creation, marketing, advertising, and all other significant requirements for fitting promotion. For quick execution of marketing operations, brands are now using several social media marketing tools that will skyrocket their performance. You might ask,

What is a social media management tool?

A social media management tool is software that makes managing and analyzing your content very simple. It allows you to monitor your published content and response on more than one social media platform.

In simple words, social media managing tools make your work effortless. You can post your content on different platforms from one place, and directly respond to a comment from a customer from the same tool, without having to shuffle between various websites. All your work becomes hassle-free and more manageable. 

How does a social media management tool help?

No need to worry about the complexity of your work anymore, with a few clicks, you can have all the results through a single tool. Social media management tools work on simplifying your organization and management.

Your content posting, scheduling, reviewing, and engaging is going to be handled all from one place. You can oversee any activity through these tools and adequately keep track of your social media management. A complete tool will have all these features to set you up in full force:

  • A calendar that will display all the posts you have till the present date and those scheduled for the future.
  • Publishing and posting all the required content.
  • An inbox to interact with all your followers/customers.
  • Informing you about the impact your brand is creating through what people are saying. Keeping you up to date with the latest hashtags and how to search for important keywords.
  • It gives you an insight into the type of audience you hold and the level of engagement.
  • Complete display of all your social media network reports and progress is available.

Why do you need a social media management tool?

As mentioned above, a social media management tool allows you to emphasize your presence on multiple social media platforms.

And instead of shuttling between applications, you can cut it down to a single login and user interface for all control.

Any important notification you need to be aware of will pop up all in one page through the tool. All your data will be found in one place without any scatter of information. It is crucial to have a documented strategy as you will be more aware of the plans you projected and the goals you have set. Doing this will streamline your workflow successfully.

Keeping track of your strategy will let you schedule your content ahead of time, saving up a lot of your time. Try taking a trial of a few tools and experiment with their format, timing, content, etc. See what your audience likes, what boosts your results, and put it to use.

How do you select the right tools which will help you reach your target? Given below is all the information you need to know.


Today, HootSuite is amongst the most simple, convenient, and valuable tools that are available to people. Launched in 2008, it has now reached over 18 million users. It allows multiple social networks to function through a single platform and provides a collaborative calendar for ease.

Schedule across several social accounts, only post pre-approved content, filter conversations with keywords, location, or hashtag, analyze your data reports, and so much more. HootSuite lets you choose from three of their plans- Professional, Team, and Business according to the number of social profiles. They provide a free 30-Day trial for your convenience. Being one of the most well-known tools, you must give HootSuite a try.


Professional- $29/month

Team- $129/month

Business- $599/month


AgoraPulse aims to provide all the basic and advanced features as it is a complete social media management tool. It has gained a large number of users in the past few years. Founded back in 2011, they only integrated with Facebook, but over time, they connected with other platforms as well. A set of advanced features that they provide are:

  • An Automated Inbox Assistant to automatically review, tag, hide or assign any key messages that you need to read.
  •  Full coverage of all static ad comments helps in an increase in your ROI.
  • Affordable, full-featured, and transparent pricing plans are available.
  • Queue categories to organize your content according to slots, so your team is aware of what content is when getting published.

These powerful features will make your management suitable and timely.


Medium- $79/month

Large- $159/month

X-Large- $239/month

Enterprise- $399/month

Sprout Social

Trusted by over 20,000 brands and organizers, Sprout Social provides all that you need from listening, publishing, engagement to analytics. This software helps you not only to understand your audience by uncovering trends and providing insights but also it assists you in reaching the customers through delivery and engagement.

They display a rich social data along with dashboards to cover all the necessary analytics. This tool is not just limited to the use of social media managers and marketers but extends to the use of social customer care agents, social analysts, and strategists too. They reduce your time spent on manual tasks and focus on the actual delivery of performance to generate results.


Standard- $99/month

Professional- $149/month

Advanced- $249/month


Sendible is considered a good fit for those who want to manage and amplify multiple brands. It integrates with more than twenty key platforms. It offers convenient tailoring, queues, and scheduling.

Anyone who is working for an account can get involved, create, and enhance posts. They provide advanced reporting and insights through their Google Analytics Integration.

Along with the scheduling and interactive calendar, they also have a built-in editor to optimise images or allow you to design new posts with Canva.

Custom reporting goes to all the key members of the team with the help of the easy to use Reports Hub. This feature allows you to check the meaningful impact your posts are creating, which lets you check what works for you and what does not.


Starter- $29/month

Traction- $99/month

Growth- $199/month

Custom- $299/month


Buffer offers a wide range of features and calculatingly helps you to beat the algorithm. It also stands amongst the most well-known social tools to help you gain popularity. Buffer provides clarity with their basic schedule and post options, along with extra, attractive features.

They focus on building your brand through discarding traditional thoughts and implementing new ideas. They have special Instagram features that include a first comment option while scheduling, they have a hashtag planner to save all the hashtags you use for your posts, tags, and add location while scheduling, etc.

Building and sharing custom reports are now easier to conduct. Granting different permissions to different team members is smoothly carried out. Plus, you get all the guidance according to the social media strategy you have further planned.


Pro- $15/month

Premium- $65/month

Business- $99/month


This platform can quickly fix your problem of content creation. MeetEdgar smartly handles everything from your status updates to automatic posting. It allows you to show-off your core content by building up a collection and using it for your social rotation.

They have a feature that uses little snippets from your blog posts and articles and automatically turns them into statuses with one click. MeetEdgar split tests each post, which shows the number of clicks received and the performance of the post.

With a few content curation tools, you can tweak MeetEdgar accordingly and set it up. Completing this will allow you to see mixed content all over your feed. Your brand will experience a fresh look as it stands out with all the stunning variety of posts.

The rich analytics keep you regularly updated, and the whole tool lets you put your social media on auto-pilot mode. MeetEdgar is a great way to transform your content completely and meet your audience in the right manner.


EdgarLite- $19/month (for freelancers, growing brands and side hustlers)

Edgar- $49/month (for small businesses and entrepreneurs)


Loomly provides collaboration, publishing, and measuring all in one place, seamlessly. Powering brand success for 5200+ companies, Loomly provides you with ideas, optimization tips, content library, approval workflow, and so much more.

Post and Ad Mockups allow you to check what you publish, and Ad managers let you design ad campaigns. Automated publishing helps you save time, and you can even craft your ads beforehand.

The analytics section provides features such as data filtering and period comparison so that you examine your brand growth.

All in all, Loomly is a comfortable tool for steady management experience.


Base- $25/month

Standard- $57/month

Advanced- $119/month

Premium- $249/month

Enterprise- Discussion based pricing

The tools listed above are all you will need to lay a firm foundation for your brand in the market. Try demos, check what fits your social media market best, and proceed with what makes your audience alive.

In case you are more focused on scheduling your content, then tools like Sprout Social, Buffer, HootSuite, Sendible, AgoraPulse will suit your style. For more options, you can check out eClincher, CoSchedule, AirTable, Feedly, Post Planner, and Planable.

If your brand marketing is more Twitter-based, TweetDeck is a suitable option for you. Facebook also provides a page manager if your focus solely lies on simply scheduling, gaining insights, and managing on Facebook.

Instagram has a lot of users these days. So, your preferable tools should be HootSuite, Buffer, Kicksta, etc.

For enterprise-level companies, you might want to try these out:

  • Sprinklr- Sprinklr lets enterprises collaborate well and reach their customers at a level. It allows the use of more than 25 social channels for adequate listening, engagement, and to gain reach.
  • is a platform that serves any and every type of social media marketer. For enterprises, they offer unlimited channels, reporting, and teams. Competitor benchmarking is available for analysis, and customer support 24×7.
  • Oktopost- Oktopost serves B2B marketers for social media management to reach their set goals. Along with this, they will offer social employee advocacy techniques and social media marketing. Your marketing automation software receives the data saved by the enterprise, which pushes performance.
  • HubSpot- This software presents assistance across marketing, sales, and service. Growth in traffic, converting visitors, automation of work, deeper insights, and good connection with customers will be delivered efficiently.

If you aim for simplifying the content curation process, more real-time engagement, and uniformity in your management, a social media tool is a must for your brand.

When you have a tool that keeps track of all your business and brands, you maintain consistency with all the content you have to organize.

Looking over your performance and results can give you a sense of satisfaction about where your business is heading. At a single click, you can measure the effectiveness of your business.

What more does a brand need? Everything is made available to you in a single software without any worries of handling multiple platforms and accounts. Use suitable social media management tools according to your needs and preferences, and make your work simpler.