About Me

“It’s much easier to double a company’s business by doubling their conversion rate than by doubling their traffic or leads.”

Hi I am Akshit Bhasin an irrational optimist who helps brands increase their revenue through Lead Generation and eCommerce Marketing.

I have helped 50+ brands till date generate more than 13.7 million revenue by increasing their traffic, increasing their leads, and thus maximising their profits. 

My strategies become massive hits in the brand life cycle when I correlate metrics like AOV (average order value), CRO (Conversion rate optimisation), RTO (Return to origin) and ROAS (Return on ads spend) to the overall ROI. 

I go all-in when it comes to observing and assessing the absolute details that determine, nurture and develop a business and allow it to outshine its peers in the cut-throat competition present today.

A mechanical engineer by profession with a desire to give value to bring value never left me and fueled by this, I laid the foundations of the marketing agency, Eleven Technolab in the year 2015 to help startups ace their growth curve and turn into scalable businesses through automation in  lead generation & eCommerce marketing. 

After getting hands-on experience working in some of the biggest digital marketing agencies like Clicksbazaar, Remaarket digital, shore media and binding digital which powered the marketing for brands like   Snapdeal, Coca-cola, Kidzania, Murrays pharmacy group – United Kingdom.

I am always driven by the need and want to help businesses, large and small, to dominate their industries online by implementing “ahead of the curve” online marketing strategies in lead generation & eCommerce marketing with an aim to scale sales.

The concept of Eleven Technolab as a lead generation & ecommerce marketing agency, is fueled by 5 core values of – Transformation, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, and Creativity. 

I am here to transform and challenge the status quo of digital transformation. 

I am always trying to find innovative ways to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Creativity is my highest priority amongst my team to be able to successfully launch any brand uniquely.

I find the challenge of figuring out the correct strategy to achieve the highest possible growth for any business exciting and enthralling. 

Businesses like plants require just the right amount of all the time and essentials for a ‘fruitful’ spike in growth.

Want to grow your business bigger and better in a stable span of time? 

Are you looking for perfect audiences for your remarkable products? 

Do you have an astonishing story to tell but nobody to listen to it?

Lets talk – akshit@11technolab.com